Bakery shuts its doors

OWNERS of a bakery have blamed the Covid lockdown, spiralling costs and low customer numbers after it closed for the final time.

The Cottage Bakery, on the row of shops in Downend Road next to the Downend and Fishponds boundary, had been open for many years.

But at the end of January owner Tracy Phillpott issued a statement on the company’s Facebook page announcing with “heartfelt sadness” that it was closing for good.

The other bakery operated by the business, in Chipping Sodbury, remains open.

In her message to customers she said: “We have been through some of the most turbulent times for small business in recent years, with Covid-19 and now spiralling costs with supplies and utilities.

“We have unfortunately been left with no other choice than to close the shop, due to low customer numbers and running costs exceeding customer sales.

“We are very saddened to have to take these steps, however we are unable to continue to operate the shop at a loss.

“We thank you for your loyalty and support over the years.”

Before the lockdown the bakery had weathered a storm when a dispute with a supplier left the business without electricity.

Tracy brought in a generator which stood outside the business for several months while the dispute, which had arisen because of a case of mistaken identity, was resolved.