Campaigner’s loo list

A DISABILITY campaigner has drawn up a ‘shopping list’ of changes for the public toilet in Westerleigh Road.

Roy Stone lost his sight in 2021 after suffering a stroke, when he fell ill while out in the high street.

Since then, the long-standing Downend resident has been on a mission to make the area more accessible for people with disabilities, starting with improvements to the disabled toilet in Westerleigh Road, which he says is not user-friendly.

Roy met up with the South Gloucestershire Low Vision Services committee to pinpoint where improvements can be made, and the list includes: relocating the basin so a wheelchair can fit underneath; hands-free, automatic taps with a set temperature; audio description of devices and locations; self-cleaning toilets and seats; a hard, non-tiled floor; an automatic toilet roll dispenser.

Roy met with parish councillors Ben Burton and Janet Biggin, and parish clerk Angela Hocking, to discuss the improvements.

He said: “There are lots of things to try and get right to make sure it is fully accessible.”

Councillor Burton, who is also a member of South Gloucestershire Council’s cabinet, said: “I was pleased to meet with Roy to discuss options for improving the disabled toilets on Westerleigh Road.

“It’s hugely important that public amenities are accessible to all our residents, and I am keen to explore ways we can upgrade these particular facilities.

“Officers in the relevant departments at South Gloucestershire Council are currently considering the options and I’ll be speaking to colleagues on the parish council to see if further assistance can be provided.”