Inspector praises after-school club

AN inspector has praised the well-mannered children and attentive staff at a primary school’s after-school club.

Ofsted visited Stanbridge Out Of School Club, which is based at the Downend primary school in Stanbridge Road but run independently, in January and found the club met its requirements for quality and standards of early years provision.

Inspector Shanaz Scully said: “Children enjoy attending this after-school club. They are happy to explore their surroundings and are independent learners.

“Staff provide a warm welcome and know how to meet the needs of all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities.”

The inspector praised the club’s “well mannered, polite, and respectful” children, and said staff are “attentive to children’s needs and ensure they follow children’s interests when planning activities”.

Children were encouraged to be active, from practising forward rolls and handstands on mats indoors to playing team sports outdoors.

She said: “Staff are good role models and encourage all children to have a go and participate, while ensuring children gain the essential skills, such as learning to follow instructions, turn taking and being a team player.”

The inspector also praised relations with parents, staff’s understanding of their role to provide a safe environment and arrangements for safeguarding at the club, which has 153 children aged four to 11 on its roll and up to 60 places available per session. It is managed by Nikki Morris, who is also a teaching assistant at the school.

Ofsted’s report was written by the same inspector who visited last year and said the club was not meeting requirements, due to a technical error. Some staff, who had enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) safety checks in relation to their roles during the school day, did not have separate checks in place for their club roles.

Speaking on behalf of the club’s trustees, chair Chris Moore said: “Though there was never any doubt in my mind of the outcome once we had ironed out the minor administrative issue on our last Ofsted visit, we’re so glad that this follow-up inspection resulted in a positive outcome and gave our outstanding team the opportunity to show how dedicated they are to providing high quality care for the pupils of Stanbridge.

“Myself and the trustees are so proud of the efforts of the club staff, especially our manager Nikki and deputy manager Becky for having helped the club go from strength to strength.”