Scooter parking hazard

ELECTRIC scooter operator Voi says it is making changes to a parking zone in Downend after scooters were left obstructing a crossing point for pedestrians at a busy junction.

Residents say up to six hired scooters at a time have been “dumped” at the corner of Buckingham Place and Westerleigh Road, often obstructing a tactile dropped kerb installed to help visually-impaired people cross.

John Blake, who lives nearby, said the problem had persisted for months, despite repeated complaints to the operator that it was a hazard, particularly to elderly people using the footpath. John said he was almost hit by a Voi scooter mounting the pavement to use the e-scooter operator’s designated parking place in March. 

Voi has another parking spot close by, next to Sainsbury’s Local.

A Voi spokesperson said: “We’re sorry if our scooters parked on the corner of Westerleigh Road and Buckingham Place have caused any inconvenience to pedestrians.

“We’ve made some changes to the parking at that location as a result of the complaint and our street patrols will carry out regular checks to monitor it.

“Anyone concerned about e-scooter parking or who spots inconsiderate riding or parking can report it on and we’ll investigate any issue.”