Sewer workers find quack in a pipe

SEWER workers looking for blockages in a pipe in Frenchay had a surprise when their robot camera found a duck wandering underground.

The team was examining a rainwater sewer near Grange Park in July when they found the bird apparently foraging for algae to eat.

The robot’s video camera captured the encounter for posterity before the engineers used the robot to guide the lone duck to a nearby access point in the pipe, where they were able to ensure she got out unscathed.

The environment and flooding protection team members were surveying the sewer, close to the River Frome, for blockages and other issues.

A Wessex Water spokesperson said: “Our survey teams have come across a variety of blockages when regularly inspecting our foul and rainwater sewers – but this was one of the more unusual ones. 

“It’s often masses of wet wipes that are discovered, which cause blockages that can put homes and the environment at risk of pollution. 

“In this case however, it was more of a moving impediment and, thankfully, our team were able to help the duck back above ground safely and none the worse for her escapade.’’