British Gas chases pensioner for business bills

A PENSIONER says she was pursued by British Gas for bills owed by a business which previously had her address.

Rosemary Shakespeare moved in to a new park home at Riverside Drive, next to the River Frome between Frenchay, Downend and Oldbury Court, in April.

She says that when she first moved in several bills from British Gas addressed to Riverside Drive (Holdings)Ltd, a company which previously had the same address but no longer exists.

Rosemary, who had already set up an account with another supplier, Utility Warehouse, was advised to pass the bills to the park’s site manager but continued to receive them monthly.

She said: “In October British Gas got my mobile phone number and began sending texts threatening me with debt collectors.

“I had telephoned them to explain I had never been their customer.

“The company they name no longer exists and they know this.

“Then I received a few texts telling me it had all been sorted out and not to worry anymore.

“The in November I received a letter from British Gas saying ‘You’ve told us you want to come back to us. We’re working with your new gas supplier to move your account asap’.”

Rosemary said the when she phoned Utility Warehouse to tell them she didn’t want to switch, she was told the same British Gas representative who had contacted her to say the problem was sorted had asked them to transfer her account.

British Gas told the Voice that the issue stemmed from it not being told a new resident now had the previous customer’s old address until October, when it was given her mobile phone number by the park home owner Wyldecrest.

A spokesperson said: “We were given Ms Shakespeare’s details by the property owner and were not informed that a new gas supply had been installed.

“We’re sorry for any upset that our text messages may have caused and have reached out to Ms Shakespeare to reassure her that no further reminders will be received and that the account is now closed.”

Earlier in the year Rosemary also had problems with installing a broadband connection after being told it was too difficult to add her home to Virgin’s cable network – despite her neighbours a few feet away being online with the same supplier.

She says Utility Warehouse is now planning to install broadband.