February 2024: News from MP Jack Lopresti

IT was great to be back at my local office in Bradley Stoke bright and early on January 2, hard at work helping constituents with problems, arranging surgeries, local visits and events.

As always, should you need my help with anything, my office is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm – no appointment necessary.

However, if you would like an appointment, please telephone me on 01454 617783 or email me at jack.lopresti.mp@parliament.uk.

I am working with my councillor colleagues campaigning against the proposed introduction of car parking charges by South Gloucestershire Council.

Indeed, a petition has been brought to scrap these charges and has been signed by more than 1,200 local residents.

This unfair and unnecessary policy will put pressure on local businesses, retailers and our high streets at a time when they are still recovering from the COVID pandemic and is an ill-judged and poorly timed move.

Please consider signing our petition at tinyurl.com/36wmz9sb.

I recently met with Stagecoach, who told me about changes they are making to their service.

I am delighted that Stagecoach West has made significant improvements and expansions to their 3X bus route, to include Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway train stations, in addition to increasing the frequency of service. This will make a real difference for residents, commuters and visitors across our area. 

In addition to services provided by Stagecoach, I am redoubling my efforts to bring about improvements to other bus services.

Cuts have been made to school bus services such as the 458, 459 and 936. I have written to the Minister for Roads and Local Transport requesting for these bus services to be reinstated.

Our local bus services are crucial for parents to get their children to schools safely and on time.

I am working with ministers to urge the West of England Mayor to think again about the cuts made to our bus services. 

In addition to buses, I have undertaken a new project.

Many cities across the country, including Bristol and Bath, are introducing low emissions zones and accompanying scrappage schemes to compensate those with vehicles which do not meet the new environmental standards for those cities.

Last year, there were many otherwise roadworthy vehicles scrapped and a large number of these vehicles could be put to good use by our friends in Ukraine to help them in their ongoing campaign to smash and defeat the Russians.

Vehicles such as 4x4s and pickup trucks could be utilised as ambulances, mobile drone control stations, weapons platforms, officers’ command vehicles as well as for general run around.