April 2024: Bromley Heath Neighbourhood Watch

BROMLEY Heath Neighbourhood Watch has responded to the Metro Mayor following a dismissive reply to our work on suggesting acceptable locations for new scooters and bikes.

One of the big issues we brought to the mayor’s attention during the pilot was scooter parking.

Positive noises were made to complaints, as it became clear the initiative would be made permanent, that with a new contract there would be far greater attention paid to the locations for parking the scooters, and now bikes too, along with enforcement against users who were leaving them around indiscriminately.

With that in mind, despite reservations around safety and enforcement, Bromley Heath Neighbourhood Watch engaged positively in an exercise to identify good locations for the scooters and bikes across Bromley Heath in liaison with the Parish Council, that also supported the choices made.

They were submitted to the mayor and the reply received was underwhelming.

We’ve been monitoring things and noted numbers of scooters and bikes deployed were limited up until recently.

Then there was a big jump, and we discovered the company itself is perpetuating a problem issue. Photos taken at the junction of Badminton Road and Fouracre Road – not one of our suggested locations – show the pavement left partially blocked. Crossing has been made more problematic for all, particularly for those with disabilities.

We look forward to hearing from the mayor urgently as to a remedy at this location.

We also hope that as an organisation, WECA reviews its approach and positively engages where individuals and organisations are trying to be of assistance.

Bromley Heath residents can keep up with this topic, and more, by requesting a copy of our quarterly newsletter. Just drop us an email, saying who you are and your address, to contactus@bhnw.org.uk.

We’d like to hear from anyone who can volunteer a little time to support the Watch in some way.

Bill Crocker, Chair