Cleeve Hill Tennis Club

I THINK “rain stopped play” has been my motto for tennis this winter, as so many of our tennis games have been cancelled due to rain.  

We were really excited recently when the forecast was finally for good weather – but unfortunately our excitement didn’t last long, as on the morning we were due to play there was a thick frost!

However, much better news is that the clubhouse refurbishment is progressing well. The work is on time and within budget, which is always a positive. The pillar that we have been wanting to remove for a long time is gone and we now have a lovely open space.

We have also installed new patio doors and windows, so the light in the clubhouse is phenomenal. Sorry if I am waxing lyrical, but it really is a beautiful space: as they say on the property programmes – how light and airy it is!

We run a variety of courses within the club, which encompass coaching and development of both new members and existing players.

One of the latest short courses we have been running is called Cardiac Tennis. To me it probably would be more aptly named Torture Tennis but I am led to believe that it does you good!

It is described as “You’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class, build up your skills and work up a sweat.”

I think I might leave it to the youngsters!

If you think tennis might be the sport for you why not take a look at all of the exciting things that are going on at Cleeve Hill – visit for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you on the court