Nik’s art on display

A STAPLE Hill-based artist did not have far to go to put his latest work on display.

Nik Keevil’s hand-carved wood hangings are on display at the Circular ArtSpace, a unique gallery set up in a converted double-decker bus, parked behind the Crafty Egg cafe on Fishponds Road.

Nik’s works include three with Bristol themes, including a carving called ‘Clifton Suspension Bridge with Balloons’ and another of the stern of the SS Great Britain, both of which are on display and carved from a piece of reclaimed sycamore sourced from the Bristol Wood Project.

Nik said: “It’s great to see my artwork in our local community, where friends and family can just pop in and take a look. 

“The exhibition facilities suit my artworks, as it is a bright, vibrant space that offers visitors the opportunity to see the work up close – something important to me as I encourage the public to lightly touch my wood carvings, enabling them to experience art through a variety of their senses.”

Circular ArtSpace is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 11am-4pm. For more information visit

For more information about Nik’s work, visit