Short mat bowls club expands

ONE of the fastest-growing indoor sports is short mat bowls, and this is certainly reflected in the success of the Downend Short Mat Bowls Club.

The Club meets every Thursday afternoon at Christ Church Parish Hall in Downend.  

We are a thriving club with three mats and 24 members, and hope to enter a team in the Bristol and District League this year.

Because we are currently full on Thursdays, we have decided to open for an additional day on Monday afternoons.

This would be a great opportunity, if you have never tried this intriguing game before, to give it a go.

The rules are very similar to the traditional full-length game but short mat has the additional challenge of a restricted playing surface.  

We will provide you with bowls and coaching. 

If you are interested, you can find us on Facebook, give me a ring or text on 07791 366894 or email  

Mike Parsons