March 2024: News from MP Jack Lopresti

I RECENTLY paid a visit to the bridge which connects Cuckoo Lane in Winterbourne Down with  Emersons Green and Bromley Heath.

Sean and his team from Highways England outlined that they are working to a planned 2-3 year timescale – half the time to that of many comparable projects.

They have assured me that they are in constant communication with local authorities, businesses and local residents to try to minimise disruption. 

I am working with my colleagues on South Gloucestershire Council in calling on the coalition to reconsider their recent plans and continue to provide car parking free of charge.

Our petition can be found at 

Last month I visited the Willow surgery in Downend.

We discussed issues many have had, and they promised to follow up and respond to me on them. There have been teething troubles with a new system of booking appointments, which many patients in Downend have experienced difficulty to with. I made representations to the senior staff at the NHS Downend Health Group on behalf of patients and I was assured their views were taken onboard. 

I attended the Bristol North Veterans’ monthly Breakfast Club at the Toby Carvery in Bradley Stoke.   I was delighted to visit Cribbs FC with Pitching In. Grassroots football clubs like Cribbs rely on volunteers to put on match days – if you are interested in volunteering, I encourage you to check the Trident Leagues Volunteer Hub at 

I am always extremely keen to promote job creation and apprenticeship opportunities locally.

Promoting apprenticeships in aerospace and defence manufacturing to expand opportunities for young people; protecting jobs working with national government support for these vital industries; and continuing to press the government to  increase defence spending are some of my priorities. To that end, I asked the Prime Minister about upscaling our industrial defence manufacturing capacity, putting it on a war footing so that we may continue assisting our friends in Ukraine and replenish our own stocks.

The Prime Minister responded: “Excellent point. In a word – Yes!” 

Following a recent visit to Ukraine, I renewed my determination to strengthen ties between the  United Kingdom and Ukraine.

There is huge scope for increased collaboration between our two countries in all sectors, especially defence manufacturing, as we continue to increase support to the Ukrainians in their efforts to eject the Russians from their land, rebuild and strengthen their defences as part of their future deterrent. 

As always, should you need my help with anything, my office is open from Monday to Friday  form 9am-6pm, no appointment necessary.

If you would like an appointment, please telephone 01454 617783 or email