Robot programmers put skills to test

DOWNEND School’s Lego Robotics Club put their programming skills to the test in a competition for South Gloucestershire schools.

Students in the club build and code robots to perform different tasks to complete challenges and entered two teams into the annual event, following months of preparation.

Chris Worden, the computing and IT Teacher who runs the Lego Robotics Club, said: “The day trip to the University of the West of England was enjoyed by all and was a great opportunity for

our students to learn new and alternative strategies that could be potentially used for our robots next year.

“The competition involves teams from various schools competing against one another to be crowned champions and move on to the national competition.

“Downend’s teams built and coded their robots to complete as many tasks on the game board within the time limit as possible.

“Both teams performed excellently against tough opposition and showed off great teamwork and determination.”