‘Must-read’ books a hit with pupils

CHILDREN at Stanbridge Primary School have a new way to develop their love of reading. 

Each year group at the Downend school will receive a set of six ‘must-read’ books to read each academic year, alongside their normal reading books. 

Encouraging a passion for reading is a key priority for primary schools across the country.

Leaders at Stanbridge believe they can help do it by exposing children to engaging and well-chosen literature in the classroom.

School reading leader James Baker said: “This new venture is exciting for us. 

“Having a set of texts that children must read in primary school can offer various educational and developmental benefits.

“The texts we have carefully chosen will promote literacy throughout the school and raise cultural awareness. 

“The books will also expose children to a diverse range of cultures, perspectives, and experiences. “This fosters empathy and helps students understand the world beyond their immediate surroundings, promoting cultural awareness and tolerance.”

The school believes that the books chosen will help children understand emotions, empathy, and social interactions, and develop their “emotional intelligence” by reading about characters facing a variety of challenges.

Mr Baker said: “The goal is to create a balanced and enriching literary experience for students, and this new Must Read initiative will help us achieve this.”